Monday, July 23, 2007

Making a blog/website.

Making a blog or website with advertisements can bring in a little bit of money, but don't try to support a family on it. If you want to get started quickly a blog is a good way to go, but won't bring in the same amount of money a good website will.


To make a good blog you need to get a good subject area. Typically talking about your family life will not bring in a lot of RSS subscribers (and these are what bring in all the page views) a tech blog or a topical blog will bring in many more subscribers and much more money. You may want to check out these articles for further reading: 1, 2, 3.


Websites can bring in much more money that a blog if it is made well and has good content. Websites are very similar to blogs. Stick to a subject and don't be random. You will most likely want to think out your website ahead of time and get a subject area. Find one that you know a lot of people will be looking for but doesn't have that many search results. If you are not a good at making web pages consider hiring someone. The more interactivity there is to a website the more likely someone is to come back to it. Post surveys, make a forum, have a "members only" section to make them sign up, have a "premium members only" section in which people must refer 10 people to your site. Get creative. Remember that getting to the top of a results page will bring in the most page views. You may want to check out these articles for further reading: 1, 2, 3.

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